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We held our largest yarn sale ever on Saturday October 15th 2022. Once again Mother Nature cooperated on set up day, however chose to test our fellow knitters with crappy weather on the day of the sale. I am guessing that Mother Nature knows knitters are like the saying associated to Postal Service people... weather does not stop them.

We are very excited that the Yarn Shed is open for business and that we were able to showcase all the great yarn that we offer..... yarns from lace weight to super bulky. Yarns in Silk, Alpaca, Cotton, Merino and easy care Acrylics. We also have lots of knitting tools, Knitters Pride and Chiagoo circular needles. In addition we have over 200 one of a kind hand knit garments and accessories. As well we offer gift certificates that are a sure bet for those knitting family members or friends that you are not sure what to get them.

Set up day was sunny and cool and we are back to our "tent city" style sale. We started off by having my homemade onion soup that the ladies much enjoyed and I am sure motivated the team.

Once again, Marilyn and Thea led the garment and accessories organizing including several new garments. As always they did an outstanding job and in a much shorter timeline with the help of my friend Sabina. Macko made sure that the job was getting done.

Thea is organizing and checking out the new garments that were added to the mix.

While we did not have to put yarn on shelves we did organize and price several sale bins. Sonia led the team and working with Elizabeth and Sabina, were able to get the the job done in no time. This is Sonia's second time helping with set up and her amazing organizational skills made the task so much easier.

Sonia is checking out The Yarn Shed to make sure we did not miss any of the sale yarns.

The day of the sale was rainy and windy with a few sunny breaks. A few times I had to make like a monkey and hold onto the third tent. It did not stop our knitters from coming and going with bags full of goodies.

The sock yarn was very popular and I am guessing that lots of Christmas stockings will be filled with new socks...maybe still on the needle?

Nancy, a first time grandmother, bought these two sweaters for her grand daughter who no doubt will be styling in them.

Thea is very good at multitasking ....organizing the garments and shopping for her adorable niece Harper. One of many that Harper will look amazing in. A perk of being part of the organizing team is you get to pre-shop.

Shelly is giving Macko a massage and he is much enjoying it.

One of our customers told us at check out that she really wanted a specific sweater and could no longer find it. She described it to Elizabeth and Zelda and they knew that they had not checked it out. Zelda to the rescue, she found the sweater just in a different place. One more very happy customer.

Ready made kits were in demand.

The kit that included Namaste bulky yarn, a pom-pom and hat pattern will make a great Christmas gift for one of our customers. She was very pleased to know she could quickly knit a hat for her family member.

The books and magazines continue to be popular.

Although my husband Chris was not able to provide his support ( barbequing, tours, clean up etc.., he did put out the signs!) as he had to work on the sale day, Lance and his friend Brett arrived to lend a hand. And even though we did not have our usual great barbecued food, Zelda brought party sandwiches.

Sonia led the charge for clean up and her daughter Brooke, Lance, Brett, Elizabeth and my sister to be Trish have it down to an art. Trish did an amazing job of folding the tents... she tells me it is a skill she learned during her Girl Guide leader days. Everything is organized in The Yarn Shed and it is open year round.

Another great success. If you had a garment in mind or need that special hank of yarn or just want to come and look around, feel free to contact me.

See you at our 2023 yarn and garment sales. You never know what surprises will be in The Yarn Shed.

Happy and Productive Knitting


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