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April Showers and Easter Blog

So we’ve had quite the turbulent April after that nice weather in March. The tulips sent up their leaves and that’s where we’re still at; just leaves, no flowers.

I hope you’re keeping well with all this physical distancing and keeping the needles and hooks moving.

UFO # 13 is the Boho Style Mosaic Cardigan

Knit in Deluxe Worsted Tweed by Universal Yarns.

It was a class project a few years ago and as per my bad habit didn’t have any sleeves. It’s an over-sized, kimono style jacket with a mosaic pattern on the sleeves and at the hem. Of course I did mine in bright colours! What else would you expect?

Mittens was helping with the chart reading

UFO # 14 was a quick one. A Junghans Wolle pattern (model 166/3) which isn’t available online any more, sorry!

I had started this Skirt in 2016, knit in Sandnes Alpaca Mini and Misti Alpaca Fingering. And after the fun part of the stranded knitting the boring stocking stitch in NAVY!!!! started and I found out after a few inches that my tension after the coloured part was way looser and wasn’t going to block out no matter what….

So I ripped out the plain part and turned the skirt into a cowl!

Skirt turned cowl... It looks really good on Sam!!!

UFO # 15 was another sleeveless wonder from 2017: Talus cardigan

Based on a traditional Shetland Hap Shawl, this lightweight and springy cardigan makes use of an updated variation of a wavy lace pattern. The name “talus”—a slope formed by a pile of shale at the base of a cliff or steep incline—is a play on the Old Shale pattern variant used in the lace sections. The cardigan is worked from the top down for minimal seaming.

I used Painted Desert a 100% wool fingering weight yarn by KFI with a soft colour change.

I really love the way it feels on and can’t believe I didn’t finish it sooner!!!

I also finished another Beyond the Dunes by Hinterm Stein. The first one was so much fun to knit (in 100% silk by Yarn Flowers in three shades of purple) I decided to knit another one out of Bamboo Pop by Universal Yarn.

It is a fantastic pattern knit seamlessly from the top down with short row shaping and finished edges and these lovely little design features and, and, and….

You really need to check out her designs on Ravelry if you are not familiar with them.

This week I’ve been working on baby hats for the maternity ward at Southlake Hospital. I always knit my socks two at a time so I thought why not cast on more, like 3 or 4 hats onto the same needles.

I found 4 hats on a 60 cm needle a little tight but 3 work out well.

I’ve been using up my left overs from the boot socks (DK sock yarn) so they are bright and funky. I hope they like them because there are no pastels in my stash…

Until next time,

Have a lovely Easter and Passover.

Stay well; happy and productive knitting!

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