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Fibre at the Fern

Fern Resort is Ontario's all-inclusive resort, welcoming families and friends for more than 126 years.

I was invited to teach at the Fibre at Fern in April by Elizabeth Fallone (Eliza's in Barrie) and even though this was a new experience for me it was FABULOUS!!! I joined 6 other amazing teachers and creators for the weekend (from left to right):

Christa Wales of Lake knit Yarns

Annika of Dragon Strings

Andrea of Pine and Purl

Julia Bryant

Mary Pat McDonald

Elizabeth Fallone

Andrea of Playing With String

The weekend started for me on Friday afternoon by meeting the other teachers and setting up my tables with lots of kits for the Marketplace.

Then off to a scrumptious dinner, followed by a fashion show.

Julia Bryant talked about a colour inlay technique and beads for Tunisian Crochet garments

There were patterns for fade kits...


A giant shawl...

And many, many more items.

The first day ended with a lovely evening by the lake!

Saturday started bright and early with breakfast at 8 (we got 3 delicious meals a day plus 2 snacks between! We certainly did not starve!!!)

My first class was Introduction to Brioche knitting with 15 people !!!

Then off to lunch and back to the class room for Continental knitting

Some free time for sitting by the lake in the afternoon

A walk around the 1.5km skating trail (I love mushrooms, so I take lots of pictures of them)

Off to dinner again (because we hadn't eaten in 2 hours) and I had a Blue Lagoon cocktail which was really yummy!!!

This is how the Fern Resort got started in 1895

Another gorgeous evening

Lots of activities

Our home away from home:

My favorite spot:

You could even sit by a fire

Sunday started with a delicious breakfast again and one more class:

Two Handed Stranded Knitting

And off to lunch again because we needed energy for packing up ;)

Some last minute shopping...

It was wonderful meeting so many new people and catching up with old friends!

The Dates are Confirmed for 2024!

Planning is already underway for next year's retreat and dates have been confirmed with Fern Resort. Next year's Fibre at Fern weekend retreat will be on April 12th - 14th, 2024 at Fern Resort, Orillia. If you'd like to join us again, please contact Fern Resort directly to register and submit a deposit.

Stay Connected! Here are a few ways to stay connected over the year until we meet again:

  1. Join the Fibre at Fern Ravelry Group to share patterns and ideas, and discuss all things Fibre and Fern related! The link to the Ravelry group is here -

  2. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook at @fibreatfern for the latest and most up-to-date information

This was my first time at the Fern Resort and I am really looking forward to returning.

The accommodations were great, the food was excellent and the staff were all lovely!

Until next year!

Happy knitting everyone


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