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End of May Blog

Where has May gone?

It seems that we have skipped over spring (that lasted two days) and have gone right into summer.

We opened our pool last weekend and my parents have been enjoying it every day this week. This heatwave is great for smaller knitting projects that don’t lay heavily in your lap. Like Cowls.

This blog is all about Cowls.

I love knitting Cowls or Infinity Loops. They are so versatile to wear if they are long enough and there are over 43,000 cowl patterns on Ravelry; that’s a lot, don’t you think?

I mean, how many cowls does one person need?

Why are there so many patterns?

Well, Cowls mostly use one or two skeins of yarn, are usually knit in the round so that leaves minimal finishing and they come in different shapes too.

I mean, who hasn’t knit a kerchief cowl like Andrea Mowrys The Shift or the Bandana Cowl\

One Christmas everyone in my family got a cowl for a present.

I love knitting cowls; you can try out new stitches or techniques with minimal fuss.

UFO #20: Esquina Cowl

This cowl is a playful exercise in mitering to make the most of a space-dyed yarn: the increasing number of stitches keeps the colors in the yarn moving along the row to avoid any striping or “stacking”. A simple eyelet texture stitch draws attention to the change in knitting direction.

I used KFI Indulgence 6 Ply with Silk, colour 18.

A lot of times hand dyed yarns look better knitted into a cowl than a garment.

UFO #21: Diamonds Cowl

Diamonds maybe very hard, but this diamond stitch pattern is easy peasy.

Working in the round this stitch pattern is a series of dropping and picking up stitches and moving them either left or right.

This pattern shows up the hand dyed yarn s beautifully.

I used Hand Maidens Alpaca Merino in colourway Santorini from their Island Wanderlust collection.

Isn’t it lovely?

UFO #22: Cupido Cowl

Another slip stitch pattern showcasing Fleece Artist Fingering weight yarn.

Another great thing about knitting cowl is that you can keep on knitting until you are almost out of yarn; you don’t have to stop at 7” or 8”.

UFO #23: Frivolous Fair Isle Cowl

A great pattern to learn or practise your two handed fair isle knitting.

Knit with scrumptious Warmi, an Alpaca and Merino blend in a deep purple and Poems Silk, a Wool and Silk blend in shades of coral and pink.

Another Cowl in my UFO list is a Double Knitting cowl using Sandnes Duo

And a Brioche Cowl

Cowls make great travel projects too!!!

I am also working on two Shift Cowls, another mosaic pattern, one in Silk and on in Alpaca,

And there is also a Skein Hash Cowl hiding here somewhere which is a great pattern to use up all your sock yarn leftovers!

The next time you are bored check out the many possibilities, shall it be mosaic or cables? Dive into your stash, cast on a cowl and get an early start on your Christmas knitting!

So, that’s it for now, I am back on track again.

I hope you are staying well and are keeping those needles and hooks moving.

Until next time,

Happy and productive knitting….


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