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February 20, 2020

Here we are again, are you enjoying February so far?

I know a lot of people do not enjoy the winter but I really do.

Having grown up in Austria I remember lots of snowy days but talking to my cousins now they’ve hardly had a flake except in the mountains.

I like the winter because you can cozy up under a blanket in front of the TV or the fireplace and get lots of knitting done.

UFO challenge # 8 this week is the Grimnir cowl

A lovely charted pattern with lace, cables and nupps that keeps you on your toes. Knit in Bella Cash, a scrumptious Merino and Cashmere blend.

As always with knitting it is important to block your work to make the stitches come to life. But, how do you block something that is knit in the round without getting the fold lines?

I block my hats on a balloon (blow up a balloon inside your hat until it is big enough, don’t try to pull your damp hat over a balloon; ask me why I know what happens).

With cowls you can use paper towel rolls like this

UFO challenge # 9 has been hanging around since the end of 2015, beginning of 2016.

The Valenzi Cardigan, inspired by two thick colourwork sweaters from M. J. Mucklestones's teenage years—one Cowichan (from the native people of a valley in western Canada) and the other Mexican—Mary Jane designed a wrap reminiscent of the easy comfort she remembered in those roomy sweaters.

Knit in the round with steeks and cut, (the only way I think stranded knitting should be knit) to create a cardigan.

The body was done and I had started on one sleeve, decided I didn’t like the look of how I had picked up the stitches, figured I didn’t have enough yarn to finish, so it went into a container to “percolate”. I found some more yarn in the same dye lot and still it “percolated” until this weekend when I decided that this was the next UFO on my self imposed challenge. This is going great and working out really well so far! Of course with each finished UFO I cast on a new project so I might not come out ahead of the game after all…

Until next time,

Happy and productive Knitting

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