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February 2020 - UFO update

Here’s an update on my UFO Challenge: #6:

Last week I finished Heidi Kirrmaiers Such A Winter’s Day knit in Drops Air which is a really fluffy and soft yarn. I have to tell you that this is the most comfortable and cozy sweater I own!

I have worn it every day and I only took it off to change into PJ’s at night.

Trying the sweater on while working on both sleeves at the same time required some help.

It is a top down, seamless knit and has a type of moss stitch pattern that keeps you on your toes as you are increasing for the raglan shaping.

As all of Heidi’s patterns all the edges have lovely finishes and the instructions are impeccable.

UFO Challenge #7: This week I finished a shawl with beads on called Feuilles Etincelantes

A free pattern from Biscotte yarns.

Before Blocking

Before Blocking


After soaking you can see how it has grown already

Starting to took about 130 pins

By the time I was done pinning the shawl was almost dry.

And ready for the photo shoot

Without blocking you could not see the finer details of the pattern.

Onto the next UFO, what shall it be?

Eanie, Meanie, Miney, Mo? Someone suggested I stand with my eyes closed and point....

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