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Going down the rabbit hole (getting hooked on test knitting)

So, you know how I was doing really well on getting some more UFO's done that remained at the end of 2020?

Yes, I started off really well and got 7 done in January and February and then I applied for and was accepted to do a test knit for one of my favorite designers, Heidi Kirrmaier, a sweater called Winding Down.

I ordered the yarn that it called for (thank you Michelle at The Muskoka Yarn Connection) and waited patiently...

And then I received the pattern in an email....

The yarn hadn't arrived yet (well of course not!!! I had just ordered it the day before!!!!)

So I went stash diving and found some Akara Yarns in two shades and Yarn Indulgences Merino DK and blended all three colours with a lace weight mohair to get the correct gauge and was half way done with with this sweater before the ordered yarn arrived. It's a really great top-down knit with big cables running down the front, back and sleeves.

When the actual yarn arrived (Cascade Cantata) I knitted another Winding Down Sweater in a different size and enjoyed it just as much as the first time. It really was a fun and quick knit.

Next I saw a test call by May-Ann Lammers for a wrap with mosaic patterns and I went stash diving again.

One variegated yarn (Elan Worsted) and two contrasting colours. Again it was a quick and fun knit and while I was waiting for the next part of the pattern to arrive I of course started another wrap in different colours which is now part of my growing, not receding UFO pile.

Oh, and see that cute face behind the wrap?

That's Macko (pronounced Muts-Ko), a Kuvasz puppy we got in January.

I did finish a few UFO's and started some new project before this next test knit by Lindsey of the Chesapeake needle

The Chouette hat and cowl knit in Knit Picks Croma Worsted.

At one point my husband asked if I was getting paid for doing these test knits and I said no, I don't get paid for it.

The next question was if "they" provide the yarn and I said no, I'm using my own yarn.

You probably know what question came next: Then why are you doing this, he asked and I replied with: It's an honor and a privilege to be chosen and it's really fun!!!

I admit, I have a problem!

No, it's not hoarding yarn and knitting gadgets.

I am hooked on test knitting!

I can't explain it; it's just so exciting to be one of the first people to knit a new design and hoping to find an error. I know, the last part sounds a little petty, but it's true. It's almost like a competition to see who can find a mistake first. It is quite a community on those test knit forums.

Next I started a triangular mosaic shawl for Monster Knits

Knit in Malabrigo sock, Cascade Heritage sock and a lovely Silk and Merino blend from an Austrian hand dyer. I love mosaic knitting!!!

Then came the Rosaspina Sweater by Knitting For Breakfast, two sisters (Alessia and Fabia) from Italy that design these amazing sweaters.

Knit in Knit Picks Palette, Diamond Select Fonce and Araucania sock.

All fingering weight yarns in a seamless, top-down construction with stranded knitting.

While still working on the Rosaspina sweater I started another mosaic shawl for Monster Knits

Yes, I have a problem! I admit it! That's the first step to change...

This shawl started at one corner with this interesting rosettes pattern and once I got into the mosaic charts of Petite Posies and Flower Fields I just couldn't put it down! It was a perfect Easter weekend project with the cheerful colours of Knit Picks Chroma fingering.

While I was still working on the Rosaspina sweater (there was lots of TV knitting going on) I knit a couple of Self Care Headbands for Lindsey of The Chesapeake Needle

This pattern has 4 options from plain or moebius to interlocking or knotted.

This was where I first read the term "Knitflixing". I used Katia Cotton Comfort, a stretchy cotton, perfect for warm weather.

Above is the Interlocking version and below is the knotted one.

They take very little yarn and and are perfect for quick and portable knitting projects.

Another little interlude form the Rosaspina Sweater was this cute little baby cap by The Knitters Kitchen

It is knit sideways, using short rows for the crown shaping and has a little eyelet edge around the face.

Too cute, right? I knit 2 sizes and am working on another one, using leftover sock yarns.

I finally finished the Rosaspina Sweater in early April and started on another test for Knitting For Breakfast, the Sakura Tee with this lovely lace pattern.

And I signed up for another stranded sweater called Mountain Lake...

And another shawl for Monster Knits...

Yes, I know, I have a problem!!!!

I have discovered a website: it is where designers post their information for test calls.

Of course I signed up!

Yes, I know, I have a problem!!!!

I seem to be addicted to test knitting!

But you know the great thing about doing all these test knits?

My "peeps" see the projects in progress and get ideas for future classes and

the samples for classes are done before the class starts!!! YAY!!!!

Apparently I work well under a deadline that someone else dictates. Who knew?

And I could have a worse problem than being addicted to test knitting.

I could be gambling or drinking too much and only have empty bottles to show for instead of all these finished garments and accessories.


I am using a lot of stash yarns or keeping the economy going.

That's what I tell my husband...

Until next time

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my trip down the rabbit hole...

What else are we supposed to do in these crazy times?

If we could just all stay home and knit....

Keep those needles and hooks moving!

Happy and Productive knitting


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