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September Blog, One-Year Anniversary

Isn’t it amazing how time flies and all the changes that can happen in one year?

And what a year it has been!!!

In August of 2019, I decided to move my knitting classes to our home and I wasn’t sure as to how successful it would be.

I was totally blown away by the support from my family, friends and clients.

To begin with my dad, who loves projects, installed brighter lights in my parents’ “party room” which had a separate entrance, was only getting used at Christmas and otherwise sat empty. Thank you mom, for suggesting it!!!

My darling husband built a walkway to the back door of the “Knitting Studio” and re-built the steps to make them sturdier for all ladies coming to classes. Yes, my husband is in construction and knows how to do things like that which is very handy indeed! He took time out of his busy schedule and worked on my “Honey DO List” instead.

Again I was totally overwhelmed as to how many people followed me to my home to continue with the classes. Because, hey my commute went from a 25-minute drive to walking across the back yard, which meant most of my people’s drive increased by about that much.

Our first knitting club road trip was to Fibre Spirit Fest Barrie.

In September Vivienne, our professional School bus driver, photographer and model, drove us safely to the K-W Knitters Fair where we spent the whole day perusing lots of yarn and accessories and yarn and tools and yarn and patterns and yarn.

It’s a good thing we had a whole bus for our purchases! We had lots of time for knitting while Vivienne did all the hard work.

We participated in the Fall Colours Yarn Crawl which included 3 separate trips to eight yarn shops in Ontario. It Was So Much Fun!!!

The picture below is from our visit to the The Muskoka Yarn Connection in Bracebridge. It is well worth the scenic drive to this beautiful store!

In October we had a Yarn Stash De-stashing sale with lots of great finds for everyone.

Part of the joy of running a Knitting Club is supporting other businesses like chef Heather Goodman with her Cooking Knit Nights at the Superstore. We sit, knit and sip while Heather prepares scrumptious meals and entertains us. We really miss you Heather!

Before I decided to move my business home, my husband and I had already booked a three week trip for our 25th Wedding Anniversary to Austria and Hungary to visit family and friends and as many Christmas Markets as we could find.

That upcoming trip was referred to as “The Dark Days” by one of my ladies and that term really caught on. Because how were they going to get their Christmas knitting done without my help? Everyone survived with help from each other and we had a fantastic trip. I might have come home with a suitcase full of hand dyed yarn from Austria, but there really is no proof of that!!!

In December we launched our website with hours and hour of help by the indispensable Elizabeth and her trusty tech geek Tony. I couldn’t have done it without you!!! I’m so glad you came to the shop to learn to knit Elizabeth!

Anyone who knows me is familiar with how frustrated I can get with “That Machine”!!! And don’t even mention Live Chat to me!!!

Our Potluck was held in my house and we had great food and company even after a bit of confusion because some people thought it was being held in the knitting studio. But everyone figured it out eventually.

2020 started out really great! The Winter Classes were a success and Mom did a lot of shoveling of the driveway! She’d have half of it done before I stumbled out there in the mornings before classes. Thank you Mom!!!

Because a lot of us knitters are referred to as “Bag Ladies”, since every project requires a different bag, I had planned on hosting a 31 Bag Party this spring, which sadly had to be postponed, due to a little thing called Covid. Never fear! We are working on another date, virtually or in person. Details to follow.

During the shutdown we enjoyed seeing and helping each other virtually with Zoom meetings twice a week. It was such a treat to actually seeing everyone instead of just talking on the phone.

Once the nicer weather came around and we got to Stage 2 we were able to get together outside while still remaining safe and socially distancing ourselves. This summer has just flown by in my opinion and it has been a lot of fun having everyone come and enjoy the backyard.

Our 2020 Christmas Cruise on the Rhine has been postponed until 2021 and more details will be posted as soon as we get them together.

As we start our Fall classes I am again reminded of all the support and friendship that comes with running a knitting club.

I am eternally grateful to everyone who supports me by making the trip to my house and know that I couldn’t do it without all of you!

I am only in business because of you and you know who you are; so THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

I am looking forward to what next year brings and what curveballs get tossed my way.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Until next time, (hopefully with an update on my UFO progress which I am behind on)

Stay well and keep those needles and hooks moving!

Happy and Productive knitting


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