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UFO 2021 Update

UFO #1: Blue and Red Boot Socks, knit with Lungauer Sockewolle from Austria.

UFO #2: Chunky Socks, started in 2015 maybe, knit in Sirdar Foldsong which has been discontinued, so I had to improvise and use another yarn to finish the toes. Dad does not mind at all...

A seamless, top down cardigan with cables. I used Loops and Threads Creme Cotton bought at Michaels during the first lock down in 2020

Another top down, seamless cardigan by Hinterm Stein, a designer from Vienna.

I love Jutta's patterns! They have self finished edges and a unique top down construction that creates a superior fit.

This is another top down sweater (see a pattern here?) knit in Drop Baby Merino. Instead of adding more stranded colour work to the hem I did it at the cuffs.

UFO #6: Twisted Float Shrug by Annie Modesitt;

This versatile cardigan is knit from the centre out, using 2 or 3 colours with colour work that creates this unique twisted float on the outside. Technically this cardigan is reversible if you watch how you carry your yarns.

It can be worn two ways: the long version above with a small collar or....

....Upside down as a shrug with a big collar. So basically you get two garments in one, or 4 in one if you turn it inside out.

This was actually my second Twisted Float Shrug; the first one was knit in 2007 after the original pattern came out in a Vogue magazine.

I was so very glad to have met Annie in Scotland at UK Knit Camp in 2010.

Even the description is lovely: As implied by the name “Hitofude”, meaning a single brush stroke in Japanese, this open front cardigan with an allover lace pattern is worked in one “yarn stroke” -- a continuous strand without cutting the yarn.

Knit in Cascade Heritage Silk a fingering weight yarn with great stitch definition.

So, all these UFO's were completed in January and February.....

And then I fell off the UFO wagon and I've told you about the why and how come in a previous blog.

Until next time

I hope you've enjoyed reading this blog and were getting some of your UFO's done in this third lockdown that is finally coming to an end.

If we could just all stay home and knit....

Have you heard the new term "Knitflixing"?

Lindsey of the Chesapeake Needle mentioned it in one of her patterns and it is a combination of knitting and Netflix.

Enjoy this beautiful summer weather we're having and stay cool!

I've discovered that I can knit in the pool! YAY!!

Keep those needles and hooks moving!

Happy and Productive knitting


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