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Yes, I know I’m a little late, even for the Chinese New Year.

But hey, I just took my Christmas trees down (and that was early for me!)

So, I hear there are people that only work on one project at a time and some knitters start to panic when they have three on the needles.

I admire any crafter that can stick to one project without getting bored.

Me? Not likely! I have a very short attention span! You know that dog in the movie UP that gets distracted by a squirrel all the time (that squirrel moment)? That’s me!

I come home with a new magazine and I see a design and I have to dive into my stash to cast on (Purple Pullover). I used Berroco Pima Cotton for the lace part and Dye Version Cotton DK for the rest.

Or I come home with new yarn from a knitter’s Fair or the LYS (Local Yarn Shop) and I go on Ravelry to see what I can make with it.

A smart lady once told me that it’s good to have 5 works in progress and I understand and totally agree with that.

One travels in my truck with me (usually a pair of socks that take 6 months to complete). At least one lace project that requires focus and attention and another with a charted detail for the same reason and at least two easy designs for TV knitting.

Let me tell you, I have WAY more UFO’s than 5!

A couple of weeks ago I decided to catalogue my unfinished objects. I figured I had between 40 and 50. Well wasn’t I a little surprised to add them all up to 85 UFO’s.

Yes, that’s right; 85 unfinished knitting objects that are on needles and some have 2 needles attached to them; you do the math!

Now, they are very organized in plastic bins with, labels on them, stacked on top of my shelves with my knitting books.

I know, I know, it’s still 85 UFO’s.

So I decided to challenge myself this year (no it’s not a New Year’s Resolution because I just don’t believe in them). My self imposed challenge is to finish one UFO a week. I have enough to choose from!

So far I’m doing pretty good!

The first week I finished a vest in Rowan Summer Tweed that just needed the bottom lace edging done. The pattern, called Go to market cardigan was in a 2014 Interweave magazine. It’s a pretty cozy vest and I’m glad it’s finished.

Next were two pairs of boot socks that have been on the needles …. A while

Yarn: Online Supersocke in Tonga and Island colourways.

The socks were followed by the Purl Soho Reversible hat that was started 2 years ago for a class I taught.

Not blocked yet in these pictures.

Yarn: Drops Fabel (turquoise and the orange is a fingering yarn from Hungary)

But enough of TV knitting…

This week’s finished UFO was almost 5 years old: Call it Spring, a cardigan pattern by Drops; knit in Rowan Revive.

I also finished Beyond the Dunes knit in SweaterKits Silk Jewel, but that was a class project for the winter 2020 session and technically not on the UFO list. Knit as a fade in three shades of purple.

Silk Jewel is a hand Dyed 100% Silk yarn with a gorgeous drape and has little beads already in it.

Beau helped and kept Vivienne and I company while we were freezing… (Vivienne is our own personal photographer and model; vividopus on Instagram)

Keep checking my blog on to see the progress on my 2020 challenge.

I think I’m ahead right now and have a credit.

Which UFO will be next?

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